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To prove you're not a robot, what is double the number three?


I still believe in RSS!

You should all still be running RSS readers.

I dunno why everyone stopped. You're all crazy.

Hopefully your RSS reader can find this feed from the site meta-data but if it can't then this should work:



Youtube is the most popular video-sharing network in the world, so we have to have one of those.


You may have heard of mastodon or the wider Fediverse? You can follow us though

Peer Tube

Peer Tube uses Activity Pub for subscriptions, and bit-torrent protocol to share bandwidth between users to optimise video delivery without a big centralized hosting provider like youtube.

It's really cool.


Rumble is a video-hosting service that'll monetise if you want to, I'm just happy to use their free video hosting.

starshipsd on Rumble


Lbry is some kind of decentralized video-hosting platform. Not really sure about it yet but alternatives to Youtube would be a good thing to have so trying it out. It's got some kind of crypto-coin behind it, which is sketchy.

Trying it out though. Experimental. Beta.