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V0.3 Mini-film


The Starship Schrödinger's Destiny is an interactive Virtual-Reality sci-fi story about quantum physics, the crew of a flying saucer, and their adventures through many-worlds and timelines. Currently in development, the project is producing a series of mini-films for milestone releases.

The V0.3 film, “Payment”, is an eight-minute car-chase during which the ship’s pilot, Yatra Jane, negotiates a price with an alien who’s stuck on a bonkers planet that’s still using central banks!

It will be premiered alongside many other short films at London’s Kino event on Sunday 23rd April from 6pm in the Strongroom Bar 120 Curtain road, London, EC2A 3SQ. You can get Advance Tickets.

All the film-makers will be there to present their films, it should be an fun and interesting evening.

See you there!