It’s time for the Version 0.3 film’s sound-track to be finalized and that means we need some actors.

Update 3 24/April/2021

Congratulations to Angus and Rex, both amazingly acted with flawless recording tech.

I’ve contacted everyone on the short-list, but there were more than 50 audition files and I can’t reach out individually to everyone I’m afraid. All the auditions were good, but about ten of them were really outstanding.

Update 2 20/April/2021

I have listened to them all! There were nearly fifty! Thanks everyone, they were all really good, but some utterly stand-out. Managed to narrow it down to a short-list of 4 for Yatra and 8 for Aelon.

It’s going to be hard to pick between these. I’m editing them all together so I can hear each actor play against each other actor, try and find the pairing that fits best.

Gotta work for a couple of days though so more progress at the weekend I hope. Sorry to keep you hanging on.

Update 20/April/2021

The Call Is Now Closed.

There have been quite a lot of auditions, I’ll listen to them all over the next few days. I may not be able to get back to everyone, but will put an update here when the roles are cast.

Old Details

The film is an action car-chase in which the characters discuss the nature of money.

The role of Anxi Sun will be reprised by Anna Lock, thanks for that Anna.

But the actor who played Yatra Jane in previous shorts is unavailable, so we need to recast that male (or female who sounds male I guess?) reoccurring lead role.

Also in this short is an alien whose gender matters not one bit but who isn’t planned to reoccur. May well do so anyway though. Re-using characters is way cheaper.

I’ll need to you record the audio at home or otherwise remotely.

If you have good equipment which is easily set up then it should be less than an hours work, for which I will pay your invoice for fifty pounds.


Yatra Jane

Yatra is enlightened in the Zen sense, but also thrill-seeking and adventurous.

You can read more about his character here

In this film he drives a sports-car in a car-chase with alien cops.

You can see him played by another actor in Eggs, I may ask you to re-record that dialogue well as the new film.

Aelon Alien

The alien is a criminal dealer in illegal data.

You can read more about his character on the character page, but this is the first and quite probably only film the character is in.

In this film they meet with Yatra Jane to deliver data, but gets into a car-chase.

I don’t care about gender. Feel free to try multiple times with any weird alien voices you can do.

How to apply

I’ll need an audio sample of you reading the script.

The script is [here].

Please briefly introduce yourself, say your email address, and then read the first minute of the script as you will if you get the job.

If I were you I’d just record the whole lot and then only send the first minute. Then if you got the role you only have to forward a file you already recorded, but I don’t wanna tell you how to live your life and it probably depends how much studio-set-up you have to do.

Once you have an audio file, please make sure your email address is in the name of the file and then upload it to my File Drop before 9am GMT on the 20th of April. [THE AUDITION IS NOW CLOSED, FILE-DROP IS ENDED]

I’ll listen through from the 20th and hopefully send replies to everyone by the end of the week, but if there’s as many people prepared to record and send an audition as there are pressing “apply” on star-now that might be impossible.

I can only pay the two people who get the role despite all the applicants basically having to do almost the same amount of work just to apply.

Sorry. I don’t know any way around that for short jobs.

If there’s any issues or questions you can contact me via but being able to figure it out on your own is definitely a tick in the plus column.