The Starship Schrödinger's Destiny is an interactive virtual reality sci-fi movie about the crew of a flying saucer, currently in development.

The story is about #manyworlds and we love the title because it's a contradiction: There can be no single destiny in a Schrödinger multiverse, all outcomes all happen with varying amplitudes.

And yet it is more #deterministic to have those amplitudes, than to just be selecting outcomes randomly. There is also a sense in which we are destined to see all outcomes.

We are looking forward to building this choose-your-own-adventure in a multiverse setting, because there are so many ways in which all the choose-your-own-adventure style books demonstrate a multiverse too. All the possible outcomes existing all at once, but read with varying amplitudes.

But it's not just our story: The engine we are building to let us tell our story will be open for others to enact their own. To puppet the characters themselves, tell their own story. In a multiverse, all things can happen.

It's going to be many years till it's finished yet, but there are milestone-movies along the way.

Check out the subscribe page to stay up to date with those as they come, and get notified about progress.

Also check out the side-story, "Observers" about some aliens discovering a planet on the brink of a Fermi event.



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